I know. Those people need to find other hobbies like knitting or something smh

Bett Norris
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Always Let U Down
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Rosie, 2014.Chris Schoonover
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Anonymous asked: Your "music taste" is basic and boring

when did i ever ask you what you thought about my music taste. don’t insult my music taste just because it’s not the same as yours

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Anonymous asked: Okay wtf anon???? That's unacceptable from anybody just cause it's a rich "hot" guy doesn't mean it's okay to harass people


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Anonymous asked: i bet if it was a very attractive guy your age in a Lamborghini who said that to you, it wouldnt be so disgusting anymore.

no it would still be disgusting anyone that says “can i help you sexy?” out their car window is disgusting

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Anonymous asked: You're sexy don't worry, That isn't your identity obviously but that anon was really rude and I'm sorry

eh it’s okay

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Anonymous asked: what did you think of Grimes' new video?

I loved it

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Anonymous asked: He must of been joking, because there is no way in hell anyone thinks your sexy.

okay then

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Anonymous asked: sorry that happened and i hope you're ok, but honestly it's not ok to say men are pigs. that guy was a pig.

Oh god you’re one of them

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The scariest thing just happened. I was walking to a restaurant to have dinner with my friends and I was walking across a cross walk and this old man in this creepy white car was turning and he stopped in the middle of the cross walk and rolled down his window and leaned out his window and was like “can I help you sexy?” And he was creepy and old and I just kept walking and didn’t look at him or say anything and I was so scared that he was gonna grab me or shoot me or something I was terrified. Men are pigs

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Anonymous asked: Did gulfs and lehroi delete?

I’m not sure??

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